Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can the “Okee Dokey” hold?+

Comfortable seating for 4 (but can accommodate 5 guests)

Can you accommodate larger groups?+

We have various additional vessels under sub-contract and, pending availability, can often coordinate trips for larger groups.

How many lines do you fish?+

We usually fish with 2 lines when trolling and 3 lines when mooching or jigging

What if the weather is rough?+

Our guides are very knowledgeable about local waters, tides and weather patterns. We will check Environment Canada weather reports before heading out on your charter. Unless the predicted weather is determined potentially dangerous, we may be able to schedule your charter for another day.

Does your boat have a bathroom?+

Yes. Each of our vessels has a closed cabin and a small bathroom (head) on board.

How will I take my catch home?+

Our guides will help you clean, fillet and bag your fish when you return from your charter for immediate transport on ice or frozen in our on-site freezers for next day travel. We can also help you arrange to have your fish smoked, canned or vacuum packed and couriered to you at additional costs.

What is my catch limit?+

Guides will inform the customers when their limit has been caught and when to release undersize/ oversized catch. We observe strict DFO regulations. This will change per species.